LN Group serves the growing market and needs in the healthcare industry in a developing economy such as INDIA.  Our focus is on manufacturing, marketing and distribution of Medical / Surgical / Hospital Supplies, Medical Devices, Equipment Accessories et al.  

Providing medical professionals with the supplies they need is more than a business for LN Group. It is our singular purpose - our opportunity to empower our customers – the medical professionals and healthcare institutions – with the tools and materials they need to improve the health and well-being of their patients.


LN Group has developed its Corporate Culture and established a set of values which are presently communicated to all our staff.  We are committed to stay attentive to our obligations and role in shaping company culture during our business growth.


LN Group will continue to invest in building the team, where the team members are adaptable, articulate, energetic, confident, enthusiastic and self reliant.  LN Group prides itself on its personnel who always show integrity, patience, perseverance and are sincere in working towards the vision of the Group.


LN is looking for graduates, with experience, analytical skills, good communication and technical skills to join as part of LN team.  We welcome you to fill out the application form online.  You can also download the application form and send it to us at jobs@lnlifecare.com or mail the application address to HR Department, at our H.O. Bangalore.


We are hiring for the following positions


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