The philosophy is to build a company in the healthcare sphere and to manage it professionally.  The business philosophy is highlighted in the company motto:




Healthcare is related to peoples’ lives and the Management believes that products and services in this sphere must have a “human touch” and “profit” must not be its only motive.  The Management is dedicated to provide the best products and latest in Medical Technology in partnership with the medical community to the people.


LN Group has a multi tier management team with the best of experience and skills to implement and run its projects successfully. 


LN has Board of Directors, Medical Advisory Panel, and Technical & Consultants Panel as its top line Management.  Supporting executive network includes Marketing & Franchise experts, Managers, Financial experts, and skilled staff for all the functions of the company.


The Executive Team:


Gayatri Iyer – Managing Director


Madhusudan – Executive Director


K R Sudarshan – Chief Finance Officer

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