Our Credo


Pursuing  Excellence in Healthcare


We are an exceptional team providing exceptional service.


Increased efficiency through comprehensive Supply Management Program


Our Commitment


We are experienced and knowledgeable on many of the issues that keep our customers awake at night.  We attempt to provide innovative solutions that are practical, flexible, and known for their quality and value.


We are responsive to the needs of our customers and do everything we can to assure their success.


We are committed to providing a workplace where employees are given the direction, tools and freedom to accomplish great things.  We reward excellence.


We believe that financial stewardship is prudent and necessary.  We strive to maximize financial returns for all our stakeholders, including our customers, suppliers, shareholders and employees.


Our Values


Communication/Teamwork: Foster an atmosphere of open communication, mutual respect and trust and aligned commitment to organizational goals.


Value-driven: Strive to provide demonstrably high-quality, cost-effective services that meet the needs of the diverse communities we serve.


Commitment: Demonstrate through our behavior and individual and collective belief in the values, mission and goals of LN Life Care.

Proactive: Embrace the opportunity to create a new model of  common purchase system for the healthcare community.  

Customer First: Exceed the quality and services expectations of our customers, to help serve the patients, their families and the communities.


Excellence: In partnership with our associates/employees and affiliated companies, we will strive to make LN LifeCare the best place to work


Stewardship: Foster personal and professional accountability for the good of the overall organization and the communities served.

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